Reasons To Buy A Property In The Jalon Valley

A short drive inland from the beautiful Costa Blanca is the Jalon Valley, surrounded by hills and lined with historical villages and towns. It is a great place to find a property for sale in Spain, away from the more commercial coastal areas.

Climate and countryside

Although it is not by the sea, the valley enjoys Mediterranean weather with warm summers and mild winters, and it is sunny most days of the year. The weather is great for exploring the countryside with olive trees, vineyards, mountains, and pine forests. Buy a house in the Jalon, and you can easily enjoy life's simpler pleasures.

Towns and Traditions

The historic towns and villages in the Jalon Valley are traditional and host lively festivals in their town squares. The Jalon Valley will suit you if you want a townhouse for sale in Spain with an authentic Spanish atmosphere. There are local markets, tapas bars, and plenty of opportunities to meet new people and enjoy your new home. 


The Jalon has provided a home to people since the Iberian period (1000 BC), and several examples of pottery, jewelry, and sculptures have been found. The Romans followed in the second century and brought their farming practices and language to the area, establishing towns and building roads and bridges. This was the actual start of agriculture in the valley, with irrigation systems put in place and the hillsides terraced. The remains of Roman villas, with their mosaics and baths, show that this was an excellent place to live even then. 

Moors and Christians

Moors and Arabs followed and introduced new crops, including almonds and grapes, but the Christians claimed the area in the 13th century. The Jalon Valley has continued to develop into an excellent place to look for a property for sale and make it home. Each year, the conquest of Spain by the Moors and the retaking of the kingdom by the Christians are celebrated in July and August in all the villages and towns of the Jalon Valley. Parades, music, and fireworks celebrate this fiesta; joining in is excellent fun.

Food and wine

If you enjoy food and wine, the valley is a perfect place to look for a home to buy in Jalon. Meals are cooked with local produce and include slowly roasted meats, stews, soups, tapas, and fresh salad dressed in local olive oil. You can enjoy your meal with a bottle of one of the local wines, and a meal out is very reasonably priced.

Beaches | Property in the Jalon Valley

Although set in beautiful countryside, the Jalon Valley is very close to the coast, and when you buy a home in the Jalon, you can enjoy both the local countryside and day trips to the beach. You will be close to Javea, Moraira, and Calpe, and you can enjoy the sun and sea of any of these towns and taste the local seafood in one of their restaurants.


Buying a home in the Jalon Valley will be a good use of money, whether you live or rent your house for part of the year. The Jalon is close to two cities and airports, making it easy to access and attracting day trippers and holidaymakers who enjoy the beauty of the countryside. The Jalon Valley is now a popular place to buy property, and the market and economy have grown.

Affordable and friendly

The Jalon Valley can sell luxury villas but has many more affordable options. A townhouse for sale in Jalon or an apartment can provide the perfect new home and will be less expensive than similar accommodation nearer the coast or the cities. The villages, including Alcalali, Lliber, Parcent, and Jalon itself, are all welcoming. This is an excellent location for families, with great schools and many hobbies to enjoy outdoors.


The Jalon Valley has charm mixed with friendliness, tranquility, and tradition. The countryside is beautiful, and the historic towns are welcoming. The Jalon Valley is worth considering if you want to buy a finca in Spain.

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