What Is The Process To Buy A Property In Javea?

Buying a house in Javea

Javea attracts people from far and wide who love the area and choose to make it their home. The weather and beautiful location between the mountains are the main attractions. Purchasing a home in Javea can be straightforward, but get a legal representative and a trustworthy Estate Agent like our professional team at Hamiltons of London. They will help you navigate all aspects of buying a villa in Javea.

The property market

Properties are varied in Javea, ranging from studio apartments to luxury villas. Decide what you must have, what you would and your maximum budget. Look online to see what the market is doing, and ask our team at Hamiltons so that you know which houses for sale in Javea would be realistic options for you.

Your Estate Agent

Hamiltons of London has been helping clients buy and sell properties in Javea for 25 years. Our friendly staff speak several languages and have lots of knowledge and experience. They will do everything they can to assist with your search for the right villa for sale in Javea. Our team thoroughly understands the local market and knows the area very well. They will happily answer your questions, show you around, and suggest local legal representation.

Viewing properties

Once you have established your requirements and budget, you can make a shortlist of properties to view and arrange the visits with Hamiltons, who can also answer any questions you may have when deciding what to see. Consider taking photographs or videos as a reminder or to discuss with other family members. Don’t rush into anything, but be prepared to compromise and allow your sales representative to guide you. Sometimes, it is a feeling that makes a house ideal for you, so keep an open mind when looking at properties for sale in Javea.

Making an offer

Once you have found the villa for sale in Javea that meets your requirements, let Hamiltons of London know, and they will put the offer forward to the vendor and commence negotiations. Before your offer is accepted, there may be some discussion regarding the price and what is included in the sale. Your lawyer will draft the contract, both parties will sign the sales agreement, and you will pay the reservation fee, usually 5,000 euros, to take the property off the market.


If you aren’t making a cash purchase, speak with your bank to get pre-approval for a mortgage before you make an offer. The vendor will feel more comfortable accepting an offer when they know the purchase can be financed. Your lawyer will also start all the searches necessary to ensure that you are buying a house in Javea that is being sold legally. 

10 Euro money | Hamilton of London

Payment and Completion

After completing all the searches, you will be required to pay the remainder of the 10% deposit, less the reservation fee, for your new home. This usually must be paid within 30 days of the signed reservation agreement. At this time, a date will be agreed to make the notary appointment to complete the deed transfer and pay the vendor the final money. Your lawyer will ensure that all legalities are processed correctly, and you will receive the keys to your home in Javea when the money has been transferred. 

Moving in

You have found your villa for sale in Javea and need to arrange your moving; once again, our team at Hamiltons of London can suggest companies who can move your belongings from the UK to Spain and within the country. You will also want to transfer utilities into your name, and we can let you know who to contact, but your lawyer may also help you with this.


maintainance of pool | Hamilton of London

Your budget means you have chosen to find a bungalow or apartment for sale in Javea with a communal pool. Make sure you know in advance what the annual community charges will likely be and if they have already agreed on any major costly work for the coming year, which could increase the amount. Nonetheless, a community fee will be less general than private property maintenance. If you have decided upon a villa for sale in Javea, ask for recommendations for people who can help maintain your garden, pool, etc.

Hamilton house keyEnjoy your new home!

Congratulations!!! After you unpack, you can enjoy the benefits of buying a house in Javea. Sit back on your terrace and enjoy a sundowner, and once you have recovered, you can explore this wonderful place and make friends in your new home.

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